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Best air pollution mask

Last update was on: February 22, 2019 6:01 pm

air pollution mask

If you are hunting for an air pollution mask then you are in right place. The sunshine of many big cities today is hidden somewhere in smog. While there is a poison in the air on one side, there are new and unique ways to deal with it. But people are being intimidated more than ways to avoid them. Under the guise of smug, the businessmen are increasingly growing. For this, from the expensive air purifiers, many types of air pollution masks have come in the market. It is also necessary for you to avoid this dangerous smog, but it is said to take advantage of your fear and take expensive things. While it is not necessary that you need such expensive pollution masks or air purifiers.

As soon as the smug starts, air pollution mask on many online shopping sites is beginning to be promoted. For this, offers are offered with huge discounts on behalf of many sites. The price of these masks ranges from 100 rupees to 5 thousand rupees. After this, it is being told that cheap masks are harmful to your health. But this is not at all, you can also avoid dust particles from an ordinary mask. But take a mask that is not too loose.

How much for air purifiers are needed

Many pockets of people are being vacant in the name of Air Purifiers too. From 5 thousand to 25 to 30 thousand are being sold to them. People are buying it to protect their family. But for everyone, this purifier is essential. Purifiers are only necessary for those people whose home is in an area where pollution levels are too high or if there is a problem of breathing in your family, you can still buy it. But not everyone is required to take it at all.

When is the need for air pollution mask protection?

However, smog is always dangerous, which poses a threat to many types of diseases. But doctors say that if there is some odor in the air or there is trouble in breathing then it is a dangerous level of pollution. Avoiding that is very important for everyone. In such a situation, it is extremely important for the children and the elderly to get pollution mask protection. A good air pollution mask gets up to Rs 100, which you can buy for your family.